"After having major thorasic surgery in 2010 I didn't appreciate how debilitating it was going to be.  I have struggled since to regain use and feeling of my shoulder and upper back.  I was recommended to do Pilates by my physiotherapist.  I was nervous of my fitness level and embarassed  that I was unable to participate fully, however, Lynda is sensitive and very aware of each individual  and tailors the class to maximise fitness without risk or discomfort.  
After attending Lynda's classes for the past 5 months I'm regaining strength and feeling in that area and core strength, flexibility and posture have improved.
Lynda definitely has a rapport that makes you feel welcome and at  ease, which for me was important, Lynda's classes are both factual and precise and I always leave feeling free of tension and energised."
Claire- Lymington

"Having practised pilates for some years at my health club coming to Lynda's classes was a revelation!  I came away realising I hadn't really been using my core muscles at all.  Although at first Lynda's classes seemed easier I had to work a lot harder.  I now attend 2 classes a week and feel fit, strong and flexible in a way I didn't think was possible."  Marie - Bransgore

"I have relapsing and remitting MS.  I started Pilates to address my balance and walking issues.  After 6 weeks I was able to drop my walking stick 24/7.  After 10 weeks my balance had improved to such an extent I felt confident walking on my own, (without a companion).  Lynda's no pain/no damage approach has enabled me to strenghten my core and trust my body again.  Every week I leave Pilates with my body feeling in better shape than when the day started."
Mary-Anne, Lymington