1:1 Sessions

Private Tuition is for those who want a session uniquely designed for their body.

  • They can be a great introduction to pilates affording you the time to build on the fundamentals of the movements.
  • Have you recently suffered an injury or do you have a long term injury that just won't go away?We recommend private tuition if you have been recommended to Pilates by your physiotherapist, osteopath, surgeon or doctor. In all cases of injury rehabilitation, we work in conjunction your  practitioner to ensure that your pilates program compliments any treatment you are already undertaking and that it is introduced at the correct phase of your rehabiliation. By teaching you correct movement pattens and creating a more balanced body and a strong core, pilates will not only help you recover from injury but ensure that you don't re-injure yourself when you return to your favourite sports or activities. Often in these cases, you may be able to join a class after a period of time, once good core stability has been achieved and your injury has been stabilised.
  • Many clients choose private lessons simply to focus specifically on their body and on the results that they want to achieve.  By tailoring each session to your individual need in a private enviroment you will get more targeted results in a shorter period of time.

Private sessions can be held in a convenient location or in the comfort of your own home.


  • Single sessions £40
  • Duet sessions  £48